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Carbon Type-R Hoods

Our NSX Type-R carbon hood fits exactely and reduces weight radically. The well crafted surface is made of a dry carbon production: 4600g.

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Carbon bumper beams and rear wing

Bumper beams and rear wing are fixed with orignal brackets. OEM look but huge weight reduction.

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Carbon Side Duct

Air ducts make any car look real cool. They were first adapted for racing coupes. The aerodynamic design on the side allows air to flow out from the vehicle. With the sleek body design of NSX, our air duct further reduces weight that affects performance. Weight: 135g.

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NSX carbon parts - high quality construction

ATR racing NSX carbon parts are carefully hand-crafted using only the finest materials. Our dry carbon production, the extraordinary weight savings, product stiffness and strength, making it most adequate for serious race usage. Race after race, we have proven to be as strong as the driver's ambition to win, thus making ATR racing carbon products the preferred brand among professional drivers.

B-Pillar Carbon Cover

The B-pillar cover is fixed with orignal brackets. These covers guides the side window, harmoniously into the overall design of your NSX. Weight: 135g.

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Custom Carbon Parts

We built custom Carbon parts on request. Just send us an email with your specifications.

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